Monday, November 23, 2015

First Milestone Covered Towards The Dream Destination

Feels great to announce that Sav's Kitchen won the First Runner Up Title of The Best Vegetarian Blog at the IFBA 2015 by Food Bloggers Association Of India.

What is Life without a Purpose!

You know what's my biggest dream in life. It is to make him happy and he should be proud of me. When he looks upon me, he should say, my Daughter you have made me so proud!
Yes its Him, the Creator whom I wanna make happy.
So I have decided to use productively every single day, every faculty given to me, every talent I posses and make the most of it to achieve whatever best I can and make a difference not only in my life but in others life as well.
The biggest fact in life is Death but who is scared of Death, I am more scared of not living well.
That's why for me every moment is important and special.

Dreams are something that give us a reason to live, they help us overcome sorrows and every little achievement brings happiness and makes life beautiful.

Honestly, I had never thought what Sav's Kitchen would bring in my life. I had started this blog with an intention. The only intention was to be prepared if my MIL asks me to cook something, I should be prepared to cook ;)
I used to cook a lot before joining Stock Market but in the last few years when I was working, I hardly cooked. So when I took a sabbatical from Stock Market, I had plenty of free time. It was in one of those days, that my brother forced me to make something for him. It's then that I cooked up a dish with whatever was lying ready at home and experimented. The outcome was fab, so I thought let me take a picture and write down the recipe for future reference as I'm very impulsive and do things impromptu, so can forget what I had put while making the dish. So like this more experiments started happening and everyone was happy, family and friends. They all cheered hard which motivated me to cook more. And slowly the journey grew more and more interesting with social media, access to more public, contests, making new friends, etc and now I finally hold a Trophy and a Certificate in my hand.
Feels great :)

There are many people whom I would like to thank for this, first of all Him, our father Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji. My family - Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis for always standing by me and pushing me to do my best. My friends for being so supportive. Vits for helping with all corrections, yes I make a lot of mistakes while writing or typing, I end up eating words, haha ;)

I had started this blog on 13th May 2014 and won the award on 13th Nov 2015, so guess its the 13 Magic. Tera Hi Tera :)

I have got so much love from everyone, be it family, friends and my audience that I'm extremely overwhelmed with happiness. Feeling Grateful and Blessed.
I guess starting Sav's Kitchen Blog was the best thing that happened. I love it even more now and want it to grow more and more. I feel like a mother who wants to nurture and see her baby grow big and beautiful, spreading happiness everywhere.

So stay tuned for lots more coming up on Sav's Kitchen :)

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