Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pamper Your Hair - Part 1

Hey lovelies so I wanna share something with you guys, actually confess one of the biggest mistakes I had been doing all these years!

That mistake was not oiling my hair! Since school I used to shrug at the thought of oiling my hair and didn't find it so cool. So all these years upto a few months back I hardly ever oiled my hair until someone told me to do so!

I took the advice seriously and have been oiling my hair regularly since then and I have seen what a difference it makes not only to your hair but also it makes you feel so calm and relaxed.
Oiling your hair is not only good for your hair but also it soothes your nerves and gives you a good sleep!

So I have been using these three combinations -

Coconut Oil + Olive Oil

Coconut Oil + Almond Oil

Coconut Oil + A few drops of Lavender Oil

Trust me it works beautifully!

Do try and let me know if you have any suggestions as far as hair care is concerned in terms of oiling your hair!

Always remember it is very important to take care of yourself too!

Self care matters :)

Tons of Love