Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zen Times @ Zen Cafe

Some places are really special for me, Zen Cafe is one of them!

Apart from my Home, I must have spent maximum time of my life in Coffee Shops.
But in very selected ones.

Coffee time is always very special to me because its then that I really get to jam with my friends and catch up on whatever is happening in life. I am not much of a phone person. What I mean is that I don't like to talk much on the phone but when I meet my friends for coffee; its then that we really talk and catch up on everything, that time they have my full attention, lol.
Sometimes I prefer to be all by myself with a coffee and books or magazines at a Coffee Shop.
Its one of my kinda Nirvana time reading books or flipping through magazines with Coffee for company.
While other times I carry my laptop along and love to work out there.
Coffee Shops can be an awesome workspace.

I love to explore new places and if I like them, they see me often :)
So one of the days while browsing through Zomato I stumbled upon Zen Cafe.
I made a visit to the place and shall I say it was Love at first sight.. it was indeed, ha ha and a solid love because ever since that day it has become my regular hangout place where I have spent countless hours with my friends where conversations flow like water.
True to its name, Zen, it is indeed a place which offers you a Zen time, love the peaceful ambience with no chattering of others hurting your ear and spoiling your peace.
Its one of the place that I visit with just my closest friends where we can really relax and converse over awesome drinks and coffee and not to forget delicious food!

Let me share pictures of some of those with you below -

Iced Nutella Latte

Chocolate Shake

Spiced Ananas Smartini

Pizza Margherita

Chilled Iced Mocha

Watermelon Capriosch Mocktail

Nachos De Sol

Hot Chocolate
Cafe Froid

Hummus & Lavash

Cafe Mocha

Hummus & Pita Bread

So here are some of the pics, I am sure you like them, go and visit the place and then you will not like but love them as for foodies tasting is believing ;)
You know most importantly what I forgot to tell you that they serve vegetarian fare only but trust me if you are a non-vegetarian you would still love visiting this place because it will satisfy your tastebuds completely and make your soul happy too with their soothing ambience :)

Cheers to Zen Times @ Zen Cafe and to many more to come!

Ciao for now


Saveen :)

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