Monday, October 12, 2020

Appreciation Post 😇


Going through my phone gallery I stumbled upon some old pics and I couldn't resist comparing Then and Now 😁 and sharing it here with you guys 😊

Been incredibly blessed to have found the best Mentor, Guide and Coach without whom this transformation would not have been possible 😊

Thank you so much Sonu Sir for not just this weight loss but also for guiding me all along on so many aspects of my life 😊

Seeing this then and now makes me feel so proud, happy and accomplished though I still have to put in more work 🙈😅 and accomplish my goals 😁
But a little applaud  in between your fitness journey of what you have achieved till now makes it even more motivating to push yourself harder 😊

And also just a reminder that I have come till here without any sort of crash dieting or any other dieting but yes I have been very mindful of what I eat and how much I eat and a lot on the diet was guided by Sir too 😊

You can accomplish anything if you are ready to put in the work 😁

Thank you once again Sir 😊 its all thanx to you 😇

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