Thursday, October 8, 2020

Be Healthy Be Happy!

Deciding to get fit is the first big step you take towards a healthier you.

Once you have decided, then you have to act upon it. 

No it will not be easy, you will have to make certain changes in your lifestyle which will initially be difficult for you to adapt and sometimes even for those who are connected to you. But you have to keep in mind that to accomplish your goals you should not stop others from achieving their goals.

Everyone has their own path, their own journey, their own why of doing things and their own way of doing things. 

If it blends with your goals, great, do it together if it doesn’t so for the good of both do what suits you and what is important for you. 

Its your fitness journey and that is the time you are removing for yourself and you have to do what is good for you with full focus, dedication and determination. 

There will be many people giving you all sorts of advice, that is amazing, listen to them and implement if it aligns with your goals, if it doesn’t then say thank you and do what you have to do. 

When you are clear on your goals you exactly know what to do! So do what is best for you. 

Remember when you are embarking on a fitness journey maybe you would want to start with keeping weight loss in mind or something like that but as you keep moving forward towards it more and more, the range of your goals will broaden so you have to do things that are sustainable for you keeping your lifestyle and your long term goals in mind. 

Same applies to your diet. How long will you not eat something? 
1 month, 2 months, 6 months and then what will happen when you stop that diet, there are chances you can gain weight again once you get back to your old diet. 

So rather adopt habits that are healthy and sustainable keeping long term goals in mind. 

Eat that one slice of Pizza will not make you fat but not eating it will definitely make you angry inside. 

Remember you are on a journey to become the happiest best version of you. So do things that you enjoy doing. 

Its not a War with yourself, its a way of showing Love to yourself. 

No food is bad! Everything is good when eaten in right proportions and moderation. 

And trust me when you are on a fitness journey you will automatically lean towards healthier options 85% of the time. 

That one slice of Pizza or Chocolate will not make you fat rather will be a happy treat.

Let it be a journey filled with fun and happiness. Not restrictions and resentments 😊

Always ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing?
If doesn't solve the purpose, then you have to think about another solution.

Do what Make You Happy 😊

Be Healthy Be Happy 😊

Tons of love

Sav 💕  

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