Thursday, February 4, 2021

Tips To Ace Up Your Fitness Goals


Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it!

Tips to get better on your fitness goals!

1. Set doable and realistic goals mostly but once in a while try to challenge yourself too and try to do something new each time. So like that your pushing yourself consistently without trying to hard. 

2. Workout consistently and if you miss a day or two, then instead of getting back to old lazy habits, workout even more well the next day without feeling guilty about not working out.

3. Maintain healthy eating habits overall and eat wholesome and nutritious meals regularly keeping a margin to binge and eat junk too once in a while if you wish to instead of doing some crash diet for a few days and then getting back to eating junk all the time. 
Balance is the key, 80% of your diet should consist of healthy meals and 20 % to eat anything you want. 

4. Try to make your healthy meals as delicious as possible so you don't miss out on eating outside. 
Trust me healthy can be very delicious too! 

5. Remove time to relax and recover & stay happy most of the time knowing that your workouts will workout for you, ( when you workout well, you automatically feel good ) instead of checking on the scales every day and tracking your progress. 
Scales don't define your wellness, how you feel overall will be the key indicator of your real progress. 

Hope you guys found these tips useful! 

Stay healthy Stay happy 😊

Love 💕


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