Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Coconut Milk Haircare


Hey lovely people some self care is so important, be it skincare, haircare or eating properly.

So last week I thought of doing something different with my hair care. 

I thought of applying some Coconut Milk and so I did. I never expected it to have such a fabulous effect in one go. It was so good so I thought of sharing it with you guys.

All you have to do is take how much ever quantity of Coconut Milk you think you will need, heat it and apply it over your scalp and hair.

Massage it well and then keep it for 15 minutes.

Wash it off with a shampoo, that's it!

I did not apply any conditioner because I wanted to check the result of applying Coconut Milk, must say, it was awesome!

So simple and effective.

Hope you guys found this helpful 😊

Lots of Love πŸ’•


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