Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Day Wear Glam Look!


Yellow is my new favorite color 💛

Love to do something different with my eyes so today thought of doing this look!

Love how different colors can create such a beautiful effect when blended and matched well 😍

P. S. There was a time I used to paint 🎨

You can take the brush out of a person's hand but you can't take the artist out of it 😉
Creators Create 😇

So here are the products that I have used!

▪️Eye Shadow : The Blushed Nudes @maybelline

▪️Lipstick : Soho Nudes @maybelline 

▪️ Kajal : @lakmeIndia 

Hope you guys liked this day glam day look!

Stay in your magic 🌠 and always do what you love ❤️

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