Sunday, September 20, 2015

Awesome Sunday!

Few believe that ideally Sunday is the first day of the week and if that is the case, I would want all my Sunday's to be like this and all my weeks begin on such a pampering note ;)

For me it is imperative to spend atleast one day of the week on my own and have some "Me Time" even if it is just for 1-2 hours. But this time, I had spent almost the entire day to myself!
I'l tell you how.

It started with some intensive reading at my favorite bookstore in my favorite Cafe, Moshe's.
I picked up 8-10 Magazines and today seriously read through quite a few articles.
It is extremely important to update yourself with new knowledge, new concepts and gather information on latest happenings.
So spent almost 4 hours at the Cafe, reading while sipping on some Hot Cafe Mocha and then munched a healthy salad.

Now I was feeling a lil exhausted and wanted to feel good and relaxed before going home so I headed to a salon, while on my way to the salon, I picked my favorite Lemon Tart from the Bakerie.

Now at the salon, here begins the pampering ritual. After all Happy Feet lead to a Happy Life ;)


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