Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Its An Italian Food Affair

There is nothing more romantic than Italian Food! 

So here I was at Foodhall India, quite a regular place for me since the time I have started cooking more frequently and started Sav's Kitchen , my blog on cooking.

I love to browse through this high end Gourmet store which houses umpteen number of products with so much variety in each category that you're spoilt for choice.

I remember the first time I had visited the Foodhall, I had got so excited on seeing different kinds of herbs that I picked up each of all available at that time and cooked up an entire Let's play with Herbs Series.

I love browsing through the store and checking for new ingredients and then love to do my own little experiments with the same. It makes cooking more exciting and interesting for me :)

They have a live demo cooking counter, where they have different themes each month, this time, it was Italian. I absolutely love Italian food, if you visit my blog, you will find so many recipes on Pasta. 
Love trying out new variations on my own and you know what's the best part, my family relishes them so much, specially my Mum :)

I met the Executive Chef of Foodhall India, Rohan Koppikar and he told me that everything that is made in the Live Demo Counter is available for sale too, so you can grab your favorites from the counter after tasting the samples. 

I also met Chef Ronald Fernandes who was making Pasta from scratch. You can see the videos below in which he has given a small demonstration on how they make Pasta at Foodhall.

At the counter, there were so many kind of dips, you can see them in the pictures below. 
I was on a complete roll tasting all of them. 

You know whenever I go to this place, I prefer going alone, because there is so much to explore, I get completely engrossed in it.

They have a wonderful display too, so browsing is real fun ;)

Two dips that I found really interesting were the Five Layered Dip and the Three Layered Mediterranean Dip.

Five Layered Dip

The Five Layered Dip is made of Refined Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Tomato Salsa and Mild Cheddar Cheese.

Three Layered Mediterranean Dip

Among the two, I really loved the Three Layered Mediterranean Dip more. You can see how gorgeous it looks. It not only looked good but tasted amazing too.

If you wanna know what it is made of, here it from the Chef himself in the video below :)

In the videos below Chef showed how to make Fettuccine Pasta from scratch.

Very insightful.


Hope you enjoyed watching the videos, I had so much fun shooting them and also trying out all yummy dips. 

You can go and taste all the dips for yourself and pick up which ever you like from the counter. 
You can also buy some amazing chips and breads to have along with the dips, they have quite an interesting variety, so go and check them out, buy and relish them watching your favorite sitcoms or chatting with your friends and family while indulging in those or however you like ;)

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