Saturday, October 8, 2016

Never Give Up!

There will be moments.... Moments when you start feeling weak, moments when you feel like giving up on everything and just leave everything, moments when you start losing hope, moments when you want to run away somewhere else... When such Moments strike you, do one thing, spend some time with yourself and think right from the start and see where you have reached so far. You have come till here and if you could come till here you are very much capable of moving ahead towards your destination too! When such Moments of giving up strike you, think of all those awesome Moments you have lived and you will live many many more when you don't give up! Giving up is easy but real glory and happiness lies in holding on to your dreams and moving forward fearlessly ☺ 
It takes a lot to keep up with matters of Heart, it takes nothing to give up. You make a choice what you want to do! Listen to the voice inside you, "Voice of your Soul"
So "Never Give Up" 💖😇


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