Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest!

Yes Happy Girls are the Prettiest :)

Being Pretty makes them Happy or Being Happy Makes Them Pretty?

Well if your pretty you should be proud of it but then when you are truly happy that automatically makes you even more prettier.
God has made everyone beautiful, it depends on how you see yourself that is how the World will see you!

Now let's talk about being happy!

What makes you Happy?
For everyone the definition of being Happy is different.
Some associate it with things, some associate it with people and some associate it with dreams!

When you associate your happiness to things and people, your happiness is short lived but when you associate your happiness with Dreams, you will always be happy irrespective of whatever is happening in your external environment.

Chasing your DREAMS is never easy but when you have those small moments where you see things falling into place at that time you feel absolutely amazing.

When you accidentally meet people who talk about what you have created and when your parents are along with you and when they listen to this and feel proud, nothing can beat that kind of happiness and proud feeling.

In those moments you feel you wanna give much more of you to your dreams. They are truly yours. No one can separate you from your Dreams!

There will be difficulties, there will be dull days, there will be weak moments when you want to give up on everything because you feel you are slowly losing courage to pursue them further. 
At those Moments remember all that you have achieved and all that you wanna achieve. 
Not because you want to show off but because you truly want to do what you want to do because you love doing what you do.

When you love what you do, you will be unstoppable, yes you will get exhausted at times but you will never give up because you love it. 

and when you love what you do you will always be "Happy" 💜😊

Stay Happy Stay Pretty!

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