Friday, July 24, 2020

Mid Week Skin Care Ritual Be like!

Hey lovelies so I have always been complimented for my skin and so many people ask me what is the secret?

Well there is no big secret... just some basic skincare done on a regular basis!

So I thought of sharing with you guys my mid-week skincare ritual!

So in the picture below are the products that I use.

P.S. None of these products are sponsored!

I have been using these products for years so I can blindly recommend them.

You can use these or similar ones from a different brand of your choice.

Skin Care Ritual - 

So I start with applying the Scrub on a clean washed face, then was of the scrub and dry my face.

Post that I apply the Mud pack and keep it for 10-15 minutes depending on the time it takes to dry.

Then I wash off the pack, dry my face with a soft face towel. 

After that I mix in a drop or two of oil in my face cream and apply it evenly on my face.

I add the oil because sometimes the pack makes my face feel a bit dry!

After that I love to spray some Rose Water on my face, it feel so fresh  :)

So simple and easy but so effective!

Do try and always remember to stay hydrated!

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