Sunday, July 19, 2020

What A Beautiful Evening Looks Like

Happy Saturday :)

Well I have never taken anything for granted in my life but after this pandemic that has brought the entire World to a standstill for so long has made me value everything much more!

Specially the simple freedom to go out!

So like all I was also in self quarantine and refrained from going out as much as possible except when necessary. 
During this period, I have missed certain places so much which were a part of my routine life that now when I finally visit them I feel so grateful and happy. 
P.S. The lockdown period is still on and still many places are closed. Waiting for them to open :)

One place I am really grateful is for this place which helps me connect to nature!

It feels great being closer to the Sea, it fills me up with such good energy.

 It was a wonderful Saturday evening, sitting on the rocks, listening to the sound of waves and also listening to some music. Absolutely blissful time!

Always happy near the Sea :)

Its great to have company and spend time with your friends and family and have nice conversations but sometimes I love spending some time on my own specially at such places because it helps me unwind and relax and keep my mind free and I can really enjoy the beauty of nature and some "me time" :)


And when it suddenly starts raining!

This is what a beautiful evening looks like, simple joys of life! So grateful for them 😇

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