Sunday, January 23, 2022

Coffee Scrub Skincare

Hey lovelies first of all Happy New Year to all of you awesome people!

Sorry I haven't posted anything on the blog since quite some time since I have been really busy with a lot of stuff.
Finally removed time to do something new and share it with you guys 😊

It was a self care Sunday you guys!
Created this amazing Coffee Scrub today.
The result was so damn good on first application itself that you can see it for yourself.

The photo above is a non filter, non effect photo.
And no make up! Just Kohl and Lipstick!
Loved the effect the Scrub had on my skin.
So thought of sharing with you guys the recipe of this scrub.

1 tbsp Coffee Powder
3-4 drops of Olive Oil
1 tbsp Malai or Cream formed after boiling the milk.
7-8 drops of Rose Water
2 tbsp Sugar

Mix it all together and apply it on your face.
Keep it for 10 minutes or till hardens a bit.
Don't talk after applying the scrub.
Wash it off with room temperature.
Pat dry.
Adding Sugar was my Mom's idea and it did wonders!
Hope you guys find this helpful.

Tons of love 💕

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