Sunday, August 21, 2022

Confessions of a Shopaholic & Affirmations to stop Excessive Overspending


“When I stopped to take a breath, I noticed I had wings.” 
― Jodi Livon


Hey lovelies so I was thinking right now that what should I write next in my financial series so here comes an impromptu fun write up which I am sure we can all relate to at some point 😉
"Confessions of a shopaholic and Affrirmations to stop excessive overspending" 😜
1⃣ I love shopping so much 🛍😍 but I am welcoming the positive change that overcoming compulsive shopping has brought into my life and I will focus more on inculcating good hobbies to keep myself busy and away from shopping 😉
2⃣ Staying away from shopping doesn't come naturally to me but i will work on it 😆
3⃣ My body and mind are completely calm and relaxed when I browse through shopping sites online or at stores but nothing except myself has control over me, so I will be mindful 🤑
4⃣ Shopping online 📱🛍 midnight is a sin because that is when you tend to make major unwanted impulsive purchases so I will be financially responsible and refrain from shopping at midnight when not getting sleep 😴😅
5⃣ Overcoming shopping addiction is not easy 😉 but I will be strong and in control of my cravings and develop healthy addictions like fitness and make healthier choices in life 😄
Hope you lovelies found this helpful 😊 and had fun reading too ❤
Happy Mindful Shopping 🛍😍

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