Friday, March 6, 2020

Be More Productive Within The Same Time Frame

So we all have 24 hours to do whatever we want to do and sometimes there is so much we want to do and sometimes we get so exhausted doing so much that we want to do more stuff but we don't have the energy and the inclination to do more and feel we have burned out and at times want to stop everything and take a break from everything.

This has happened with me time and again in the past where I literally wanted to quit and not do anything. So I did that and trust me it feels worst to do nothing and while away time. Initially you will enjoy your free time but after a point of time you will crave to hang onto some sort of routine because when you are left with so much time in hand and nothing useful to do you will not feel so good about it.

So over the past two years, I have slowly started getting more organised and balanced about whatever I do. I don't rush into things so easily and neither do I like to occupy myself completely because that leaves me absolutely drained after a certain point of time.

To be honest I do get bored too if I have to do same things everyday so I have come up with things in my routine that I do consistently every day without fail but I leave a lot of margin to do more different things in a week so that I can avoid the monotony so like this I have luckily created a disciplined consistent approach towards a lot of things in my life.

Honestly I make sure I give myself some good time in a week to laze and relax too because then that is the time when I get my best ideas. Listen to music, lie down a bit more, watch funny videos or watch something entertaining, do things randomly like cook a dish, go out somewhere without any purpose and just have fun. Trust me this is so damn important too.

Yes we all have so much to achieve but not at the cost of missing out on simple pleasures and simple things because these are the things that give so much joy.

So as of  now as I am growing with my work, I would like to have a more balanced routine which gives me the freedom to do what I love, what I have to do and do nothing to get inspired, lol!. And also have lots of space in my schedule for my family, workout, friends and other things which are more important than work too!

I have learnt one very important thing and that is you can accomplish much more when you put your mind totally into what you are doing at that particular time so you don't have to waste time doing it again.

When you are doing one task, give your full attention to that task at that moment and avoid thinking of something else. If your mind distracts then take the support of music to focus and make sure you finish the work at that time. Don't try to push or procrastinate. Forming such a habit will be difficult at first but if you get a bit firmer, you will sail through and trust me it will take you much less time and you will end up doing much more.

One new habit I have adopted is that of writing down my to do, trust me ticking off the done task feels great! Don't cramp too many things in a day. Prioritise and do what matters most and work on it.

Learn and try to do all tough things first, so that you can do all easy stuff later when you are already drained and have less energy.

Start doing important things in the morning and try to finish them by 12. Trust me you will feel great when you have the whole day to chill.

Try to wake up early and just go for the important task first thing in the morning. Get it done early. Half your battle is won there :)

Write down your to-do the night prior so you know what you have to do first thing in the morning and you don't have to waste time thinking and deciding what to do. Thinking is even more tiring than actually doing things!

So this is what I have been doing since some time and have seen a lot of change in my activities and performance.

One important thing you have to do is give some time to an activity that you love doing as it makes you happy. So pursue any hobby and give it at least three hours to it in a week minimum.

Ideally you should do what you love so that it doesn't feel like work but common lets get real and accept that even when your doing what you love you have to do certain things which you don't enjoy doing but you have to do because you can't delegate certain things like handling your finances and seeing things are operational properly and everything is flowing smoothly. You have to keep a tab on everything at times. So try not to stress out because of that and take help where you can and when you can't take help on certain things then handle it with grace and keep some fun music handy to keep the stress away ;)

Hope you found reading this useful and it can help you get more organised and at the same time lets you have a more holistic approach towards life :)

So that's it for now my loves 💕 and Happy 2020 since this is the first post of 2020 out here 😉

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