Friday, September 22, 2023

Variations of Time Blocking

Hey lovelies so last week we had discussed about a fabulous time management technique called Time Blocking, this week I would like to share it's variations!

So there are three variants of Time Blocking -

1. Task Batching -

Task batching is a productivity strategy that involves grouping similar tasks together to complete all at once. This technique can help you avoid multitasking and increase the amount of time you have to focus on tasks. 

This includes, for example, answering emails, editing pictures or running errands.

2. Day Theming - 

In Day Theming, you devote the entire day towards one theme and dedicate the full day towards it. 

Like on Monday - you focus on research, on Tuesday - content creation, on Wednesday - Finances, etc. 

3. Time Boxing - 

Time boxing also involves setting aside a particular amount of time for a single task like Time Blocking but it prevents you from stretching the finish point to infinity. 

Basically it involves finishing a particular task in that much time for sure instead of extending it into hours or days! 

Like if I want to write a blog post, then I will alot an hour towards it and instead of getting distracted I will finish it in within that time only! 

It is a rigid but disciplined approach towards doing things effectively. 

Hope you lovelies found this helpful 😊

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