Thursday, October 12, 2023

Book Review : 24 Hours Is All It Takes by Vivian Risi


Hey lovelies so I had read this lovely book yesterday called " 24 Hours Is All It Takes by Vivian Risi" 

It's a fabulous self help book which will definitely help you to change your outlook towards your life and help you form a good productive holistic authentic lifestyle! 

Taking small, realistic and sustainable steps forward is the key!

How do you develop the habit of authenticity?

By asking yourself three key questions -

1. What is my true intention here?

2. Am I being authentic?

3. Are my expectations realistic?

Here below are 15 Habits to Change Your Life! 

Habit 1 - Own Your Mornings,and You"ll Own The Day

Habit 2 - Plan Ahead but Prepare to Pivot

Habit 3 - Embrace Your Daily Rituals 

Habit 4 - Chip Away At Change

Habit 5 - Live Authentically

Habit 6 - Break It Down

Habit 7 - Learn The Art Of Saying No

Habit 8 - Be Present 

Habit 9 - Recognize Communication Styles

Habit 10 - Power Up!

Habit 11 - Manage Your Social Media Presence

Habit 12 - Take Inventory

Habit 13 - Practice Gratitude

Habit 14 - Take Care Of Yourself

Habit 15 - Get Some Sleep

Have you lovelies heard about the 21/90 Rule?

It takes 21 days to Make or Break a Habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle!

Trust me this Rule works and how!

I have personally used it over the years and it has worked seamlessly for me!

I have changed my routines over the years according to my situations and even then it hs worked for me so I would highly recommend to read this book and do try to adopt the 21/90 rule in your life to be more efficient, productive and happy 😊

Hope you lovelies found this helpful ❤️

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